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Constructing the home of your dreams isn't a herculean task any more. Get the right measurements and the material to build a home that you ever wanted. Also, know how to maintain the previously done constructions.

Why You Should Hire a Licensed Contractor

As a residential property owner who has hired a licensed contractor, you are entitled to several protections and benefits. Here are few reasons why you should hire a licensed contractor.

How to Find the Right Home Builder

There is a possibility that you may incur significant property damage and get an inflated construction bill if you do not hire a genuine home builder. To avoid such a situation, go through this Buzzle article which tells you how to...

Things to Know Before You Build a Multigenerational Home

Multigenerational homes are becoming more of a trend lately, not only bringing the family members together, but also catering to their needs in a feasible manner. In case you plan to build a multigenerational home, this Buzzle...

Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

Have you ever fancied buying a modular home, if not for anything else but the convenience factor? Well, then this Buzzle article is a must-read, because it enlists the pros and cons of opting for a modular home.

How to Build a Brick Wall

Demarcate your property, enhance the patio, or simply shut out the world with a simple brick wall. You can build your own brick wall in these steps given in this Buzzle article.

How to Calculate Cubic Yards for Concrete

The amount of concrete required for construction is measured in cubic yards. Read on to know the simple steps on how to calculate cubic yards for concrete...

How to Build a Concrete Block Wall

Building a concrete block wall is not as difficult as it appears to be. Here's a simple step-by-step tutorial that will help you learn how to build one yourself. Have a look!

How to Build Concrete Stairs

If you are stepping away from making concrete steps, thinking that it's impossible to build them yourself, you are wrong. Here is a guide on how to build concrete stairs. Read on.

Cost to Build a House Per Square Foot

If you are trying to calculate the cost of building a house, this article will be helpful. Such a project requires a lot of study and analysis of building and material costs. Read to get an idea about how you can get a rough...

Geodesic Dome Homes

A geodesic dome home is a structure that is built on the lines of geodesic domes. It is made of an internal metal framework that supports the shell. Let's learn about the ways in which dome homes could rubbish removal affect our quality of living.

How to Build a House Step by Step

Building a house step by step requires a lot of systematic planning and hard work. In this article, we shall discuss vital points in home building.

Types of Retaining Walls

To prevent downslope soil erosion, different retaining walls are built. These walls hold back soil from buildings, structure or a particular area. This article presents a brief insight into such types of walls.

How to Build a Spiral Staircase

The task of building up a spiral staircase on your own is much simpler than you think. You just have to follow certain specifications carefully. This article will help you to understand how to build one. Read on...

Designing a Virtual House - Build a Virtual Dream House

Building a virtual dream house is possible with the help of software specially meant for designing a house. These software allow to design the house in a step-by-step manner. If one is planning to build a real house on the basis of...

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House

For any individual who plans to own a house would naturally be curious to know how much does it cost to build a house. As a prospective home owner wouldn't want to shell out more just because the construction company or building...

Cheapest Way to Build a House

Due to the horrendous expense of housing of late, many individuals think of building their own house. While this is surely the cheapest way to build a house, it is not as easy as you think it is. In this Buzzle article, we tell you...

Building Costs Per Square Foot

If you are looking for some tips on calculating construction costs per square foot, this article will be an insightful read.

Zero Lot Line

I say 'zero lot line' and you say what is that? This article will elucidate on the concept of zero lot line. Read on and construct your knowledge on zero lot line.

Procedure for Obtaining Certificate of Occupancy in NYC

In the United States, it is mandatory to hold a certificate of occupancy. This article tells you why is it so important, how to obtain it, and other technicalities related to it.

Tools to Build a Virtual House

There are many free software tools available, that can help you build a virtual house, as a blueprint. In this article, you will find three of them reviewed, for your consideration.

Pouring a Concrete Slab

If proper techniques are followed, pouring a concrete slab will not be a daunting task, as it seems to be; it can be easily done at home. This article will give you a step-by-step guide to build a good foundation for any building...

Retaining Wall Cost

Planning to build a retaining wall? Well, then first you have to consider the load bearing capacity or the intended use and materials required. These factors along with the cost of labor involved influences the total retaining wall...

Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining walls look very beautiful when accompanied with landscapes and flowers in your gardens. Take a look at some of the ideas for you to choose from.

Adding a Second Story to a House

Second story additions are one way of making more space for your family. In this article, I discuss various aspects that need to be taken into consideration, if you are attempting such a project.

Brick Wall Construction

Contrary to what many people believe, the construction of a brick wall is not really a difficult task - especially if you have a step by step guide at your disposal. Continue reading....

Weep Holes

Weep Holes are a part of masonry jargon and the term, "weep holes" refers to small openings in the outer wall of a masonry formation. These holes are an outlet for water inside the building which results in leading the...

How to Build Brick Steps

Bricks give an attractive look to the patio or entryway. However, building with bricks is a tedious job. Here are the steps that will guide you on building brick steps.

Luxury Modular Homes

The concept of using luxury modular homes is gaining popularity due to the ease of assembling, transportation, and the low cost of construction.

Concrete Block Retaining Walls

The construction of concrete block retaining walls is easy, and thus, it suitable for those who want to carry out the construction work all by themselves.

How to Frame a Wall

Often, a lot of space is not enough. You need more rooms to have more room, right? So, are you planning to increase the rooms and room? Then you are looking at framing a wall in place. However, many do not know how to frame a wall....

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are built to hold back soil/rock, to prevent erosion, and to give sloping land a vertical support. Natural stone is most commonly used for building retaining walls. This article explains what these walls are like,...

How to Build a Wood Retaining Wall

If you happen to reside in a region prone to landslides, then building a wood retaining wall is by far the most convenient and inexpensive way of saving your property.

Stone Home Construction Plans

Stone homes have been used by people since the beginning of time. Caves were the first homes that man adapted and used and as time advanced, he started building mighty stone structures. However, the advent of bricks, cement and...

House Framing Instructions

Framing a house forms an important activity in the process of construction. The house framing instructions that one needs to follow are mentioned below. If one takes care of the necessary details, the resulting structure of the...

Step by Step Process of Building a House

Building a house is a lengthy and complex process. It requires a lot of patience, labor and money. Proper planning, and following every process of building, can not only ensure the maximum utilization of one's resources, but also...

House Framing Tips

The various frame house plans are drawn up to ensure that once this work begins, it progresses quickly and the resources are easily accessible. Abiding by some related tips shared by the professionals gives the homeowner the...

What is the International Building Code?

The building codes are designed for use as a model which is internationally recognized, and is specially developed by the ICC or International Code Council. Let's take a look at these safety and fire-prevention standards.

Modular Home Prices

There are a myriad of homes in the market to choose from. Modular houses are a popular choice nowadays. The modular home prices, plans, and designs are mentioned in this article.

Features of Craftsman Style Homes

Built during the 1900s, especially between 1900 and 1930s, and renowned for its simplicity in building and maintenance using locally available raw material, Craftsman style homes are gaining popularity once again. Read everything...

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